The crude efficiency of my initial sliding miter saw several years ago gave me need to think that "sliders" weren't precise enough for precision woodworking. Yet young boy have actually these saws gotten better since then! Today's variations have crisply securing detents for setting spot-on miter cuts, strong turning controls for calling in bevel settings and electric motor carriages that slide backward and forward without a tip of slop.


10 ″- size sliders are a growing classification since, thanks to their moving electric motor carriages, they can crosscut a 2 × 12 or a 4 × 4 in a single pass. When set to optimal compound miter/bevel angles, they will certainly cut 1x or even thicker stock up to regarding 8 ″ vast. After that, when cutting is done, the majority of are fairly very easy to lift and also carry from one work to the next. They just may be the ideal miter saw for both jobsite and woodshop.

I set up a new Freud 80-tooth Thin Kerf Ultimate Cut-off Blade and placed today's versions via a brutal examination, making 50 crosscuts as well as 50 substance cuts via 1-3⁄4 ″. It offered me the chance to analyze many characteristics: electric motor power, level of smoothness of cut, accuracy of the rail systems as well as securing settings and also convenience as well as convenience of various other important attributes.

Dirt collection on a miter saw is important-- they produce lots of it-- so I attached a vacant shop vacuum cleaner or dirt extractor to each one throughout reducing. The saw's dirt port dimension hinder- extracted which vac I can use with it. As soon as done sawing, I scooped as well as weighed exactly what really did not get drawn away.

After my maple plank was chopped to bits, numerous of these versions tested remarkably, yet only one made our "Best option" honors. Here's just how they measured.

Bosch CM10GD
  • Road Cost: $699.

  • Bevel Tilt: Left, Right.

  • Motor/ Soft-start: 15 amp/ Yes.

  • Miter Detents: 0 °, 15 °, 22.5 °, 31.6 °, 45 °, 60 ° (R) Weight/ Laser Guide: 64 lbs/ No.

  • Base Width/ Height: 26-7⁄8 ″/ 3-7⁄8 ″.

Just a quarter spin of the front lock handle releases as well as rotates the table for establishing miter cuts, as well as it breaks securely into 10 detent placements. Even a lot more valuable is a front-mounted lever on the left that secures or opens the saw carriage so you could tip it off of upright for making bevel cuts. Many saws situate this control in back of the device, so you should reach in back to find it.

Powering up this saw's 15-amp electric motor is simple for either lefties or righties: the trigger is ambidextrous, with double safety and securities. A broad fencing with milled texturing sustains tall workpieces firmly. Because the motor suggestions both means, the fencing "wings" slide open easily for blade clearance.

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Bosch broke from convention by eliminating the normal two-rail design for sliding the motor carriage to and fro. Rather, there's an Axial-GlideTM system: four sturdy control arms fold open as well as closed on 6 pivot factors. The sliding motion is silky smooth and also well-founded.

Cuts were glassy and also flat, and also the saw held its miter and also bevel settings specifically. Axial-Glide likewise gets rid of the long rail estimate behind the saw when normal sliders are pressed completely into a cut.

Despite a dust extractor's aid, the CM10GD spat a rooster tail of dirt right into the air with every cut. Below's why: the dust port is separate from the upper guard rather than belonging to it. It seems to be as well far away from the blade to capture the spray effectively. I collected about 13.40 ounces of sawdust from on and around the saw-- the poorest efficiency right here.

Dirt collection aside, this is a great saw. Some others cut simply as well as well as keep the work area much cleaner while setting you back less.

Craftsman 10 ″ Compact Sliding Miter Saw
  • Road Rate: $249.99.

  • Bevel Tilt: Left.

  • Motor/ Soft-start: 15 amp/ No.

  • Miter Detents: 0 °, 15 °, 22.5 °,

  • 31.6 °, 45 °. Weight/ Laser Guide: 43 pounds/ Yes.

  • Base Width/ Height: 20 ″/ 3-1⁄2 ″.

Launched just last summertime, this new Craftsman 10-in. Compact Sliding Miter Saw is taking compactness seriously. The motor carriage rides on a set of tubular rails that are fixed in place as well as job onward over the saw's base to conserve front-to-back space. Tucking the rails in this manner allows the saw to remain on a job surface area just 19 ″ deep, as well as considering that they don't relapse, they cannot crash a wall surface like other removaling rail designs. Really wonderful. They're also offset from each other up and down as opposed to aligned alongside, to assist tense the electric motor carriage against twisting when you bear down and press via a large cut.


This saw's base likewise saves bench room left-to-right: it's simply a hair over 20 ″ vast. When you should cut lengthy workpieces, a pair of table expansions pull out on steel poles to provide 40 ″ of general support. A tip-up red quit on every one helps you establish consistent cutoff lengths.

If you should relocate this little saw about, its cast- light weight aluminum frame keeps the weight manageable at 43 lbs. There's one disadvantage to density, though: the table surface areas at the end of the fencing are quite little, which could make broad workpieces like my test lumber really feel tippy. So, make sure to utilize the hold-down clamp that comes requirement with this, and also each saw below. Also, while the fencing has a high wing on the left, it's really short on the right side of the blade, which restricts upright assistance there.

I saw a bit of side-to-side play when snapping this saw's base right into nine detents for setting up miter cuts, once the lock knob is tightened up, the slop vanishes. A plastic throw lever in back allows you to release and also tip the motor as much as 47 ° left for bevel cuts. Tighten the lever, as well as the angle setup sits tight.

In my cutting trials, the Artisan took care of hard maple well. The cut deals with on my maple pieces just weren't glass-smooth, however still extremely appropriate.

A laser with simple, tool-free dial insurers is supplied to help straighten the blade to a pencil line, as well as its crisp light beam hits the mark where it should. It's rarely that a laser attribute in fact functions so well for me. A zippered dust bag complete the conventional rewards. For $249, Craftsman loads a great deal of value right into this space-saving slider.


  • Street Price: $449.

  • Bevel Tilt: Left, Right.

  • Motor/ Soft-start: 15 amp/ No.

  • Miter Detents: 0 °, 15 °, 22.5 °, 31.62 °, 45 °, 60 ° (L) Weight/ Laser Guide: 51 lbs/ No.

  • Base Size/ Elevation: 22-3⁄4 ″/ 3-1⁄2 ″.

You might not get oodles of additionals on this DW717, however what's below brings solid efficiency when reducing wood. I such as the 4-1⁄4 ″- high fence: its textured faces keep workpieces from sliding during cutting.

Establishing substance miter cuts is easy: DeWALT situates a big bevel tilt lever in addition to the rail assembly. It's a far better placement since it's less complicated to get to. Give it a turn and also turn up a 2nd pair of throw levers, as well as the saw ideas left or right as much as 48 °. Along with 0 °, it likewise has preset detents at 22.5 ° as well as 33.9 ° to fit typical crown molding angles (most saws have a couple of bevel presets for crown).

To adjust the miter angle, there's no spin knob: just thumb a launch and swing the saw table to any angle left or right. Release, and also the table will certainly quit squarely on 10 detents. Press the big front lever down to lock it, and the angle will not budge.

DeWALT offers a traditional dual-rail gliding style. When completely pressed with a cut, the DW717 needs concerning 26 ″ of bench depth to fit the base as well as those sticking out rails. It's not the biggest bench gobbler of this test team, however various other portable layouts take much less area. Still, the electric motor carriage moves on the rails efficiently, and also they aided the saw's powerful 15-amp motor remove one piece of maple after the next easily and continually. You'll be pleased by the outcomes.

This saw had flat-out impressive dirt collection: after 100 cuts, I gathered just under an ounce (.80) of residual sawdust. Mr. Mandeville, of Home Depot, said that a compound miter saw is essential equipment for the job, since it simultaneously cuts two angles. The remainder of it was drawn away effectively with the equipment's 13⁄8 ″ I.D. dirt port, using a dust extractor. If you operate in a cellar shop with restricted fresh air resources, the DW717 will certainly aid you breathe much easier.

You can get great deals of additionals for this saw: table extension, crown molding fence, a laser or an LED job light system. In its standard kind (revealed), it costs $449: not cheap, but still reasonable for a pro top quality device.

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